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Adult Braces Don’t Have to Be Ugly When Worn on the Flip Side

Right now, over 4 million Americans wear braces, per the American Association of Orthodontists. People want a healthy and beautiful smile. That’s precisely what has motivated many Americans to straighten their teeth, particularly adults. For many, seeking treatment from an orthodontist is either scary or they avoid it because they don’t want the look of … Continued

Why You Should Avoid Skipping Your Orthodontic Appointment

Orthodontic treatment can be a life-changing experience. The benefits may go beyond correcting your bad bite. You can also improve your oral hygiene, treat your TMJ disorder, boost your self-esteem and give yourself a beautiful smile. It is no wonder that over 4 million Americans are in braces treatment currently. Treatment Period Orthodontic treatment may … Continued

Invisalign Aligners: Five Great Reasons to Choose

If you ask them outright, most people claim to want an amazing smile that conveys their authentic inner self. Afterall, a smile is not simply a set of straight teeth. It conveys an attitude and inner confidence that can help open doors, form relationships, and provide access to seemingly unlimited opportunity. In this respect, a … Continued

Understanding the Link Between Orthodontic Braces and Diet

Orthodontic braces are a great path to a brilliant, straight smile. Of course, getting to that great straight smile does require a little work on your part. One of the biggest complaints heard from brace wearers is about the food restrictions. Traditional braces can require you to change your diet drastically. Many people choose Invisalign … Continued

5 Ways Invisalign Braces Can Improve Your Dental Health

For many people there is nothing better than having a great smile. A smile shows off a person’s confidence, lifts their self-esteem, and brightens the moods of everyone within view. But having a great smile doesn’t come easy for everyone. Some people deal with cavities, misaligned teeth, or even cracked teeth, which leads them to … Continued

3 Problems the Best Orthodontists Can Solve

Have you ever really considered what orthodontists do besides straighten teenagers’ crooked teeth? You might be surprised that some of the problems you suffer from right now could be helped by a visit to an orthodontist that Louisiana trusts. Orthodontists deal with the alignment of the bones and joints that make up your mouth. In … Continued

Three Things to Consider If Your Teen Wants Invisalign

If your teen needs braces, it may be for cosmetic or health-related reasons. Regardless of the reason for orthodontic treatment, your teen may be concerned about the aesthetic appearance that comes along with straightening their teeth. Although you may initially be inclined to move immediately towards metal braces, you should also consider the possibility of … Continued

Five Ways Straight Teeth Impact Your Oral Health

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, over four million Americans have braces today. While traditional metal braces have long been associated with younger children and teenagers, more adults are starting to undergo treatment due to the growing popularity of invisible aligners. The most commonly reason for straightening teeth is aesthetics, with patients opting to … Continued