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3 Problems the Best Orthodontists Can Solve

Posted on December 2, 2020

best orthodontistHave you ever really considered what orthodontists do besides straighten teenagers’ crooked teeth? You might be surprised that some of the problems you suffer from right now could be helped by a visit to an orthodontist that Louisiana trusts.

Orthodontists deal with the alignment of the bones and joints that make up your mouth. In fact, the word “orthodontist” comes from the phrase “straight teeth” in Greek. To straighten a patient’s teeth, an orthodontist uses physical pressure to gradually move the teeth and jaws into alignment. The knowledge and skill needed to do this requires additional training. Orthodontists are trained dentists, but only about 5% of dentists undergo the additional training needed to become the best orthodontists.

Here are a few problems the best orthodontists can treat to improve your life:

Chewing Pain

Pain in the jaws can be caused by a misaligned bite. Specifically, if your teeth do not line up correctly, you may experience pain while chewing as your teeth clash against each other or your jaw strains to hold your teeth in alignment.

When chewing pain is the result of an overbite or underbite, the best orthodontists can plan a series of adjustments to your teeth and jaws to improve your bite. The orthodontist will typically use traditional braces and headgear, springs, or elastic bands to straighten a misaligned bite according to the treatment plan. The result will be a close-fitting and pain-free bite. In fact, a properly aligned bite can even relieve some forms of headaches, neck pain, and facial pain.

Indigestion and Malnutrition

Patients who suffer from crooked teeth may experience indigestion due to poorly chewed food. In some cases, misaligned teeth, gapped teeth, or pain in the jaws force patients to swallow food before it is chewed thoroughly. This can lead to heartburn and indigestion as the food makes its way through the digestive system.

In extreme cases, patients may alter their diets to make up for their inability to chew. However, the elimination of, raw fruits and vegetables from the diet can lead to malnutrition.

By undergoing treatment to straighten the teeth, chewing can be restored improving both digestion and nutrition.

Speech Impediments

We often forget that the teeth are critically important to forming several of the sounds needed for speech. When teeth are crooked or have gaps between them, a speech impediment can result. Moreover, if teeth are so crooked that they create sores on the tongue or cut the insides of the cheeks, a patient might deliberately avoid making certain speech sounds to protect the soft tissue.

Orthodontists have the experience and training to identify and fix a misalignment to address the physical causes of a speech impediment.

Orthodontists can give you a beautiful smile. However, the best orthodontists can do much more than that. Whether you suffer from pain, are experiencing indigestion, or have a speech impediment caused by crooked teeth, a visit to Parker Orthodontics might just resolve your problem.