Life with Braces

Your braces will be attached quickly and easily to your teeth, but a full day is necessary for the bands to completely affix. It is a good idea to wait several hours after getting braces before eating solid food. You may find it easier to eat soft foods for the first couple of days while you are becoming accustomed to eating with your new braces.

Comfort Concerns

The placement of orthodontic appliances is not painful. Your comfort during this initial appointment is our priority. Many patients experience mild tenderness for 1 to 4 days after the braces have been placed. In addition, it may take up to a week for the inside of the cheeks to become accustomed to the braces. During this time period wax may be placed on the braces to improve comfort.

Eating Right

Parker Orthodontics - Foods not to eat while wearing braces

Braces are attached to your teeth with a strong adhesive, but may become loose as a result of eating certain foods. It is also possible that wires could become bent or broken without proper care. Since it is best to achieve orthodontic treatment goals with as few disruptions as possible, a well balanced diet is important to ensure a healthy environment for your teeth.

Patients should avoid foods that are sticky, hard or chewy. They should also avoid any food and drinks that are known to cause cavities. Patients should brush, floss and rinse their mouth regularly between meals.

The foods below are known to cause breakage of orthodontic appliances and are examples of what NOT to eat:

  • Crunchy Foods like nuts and popcorn
  • Hard Foods like whole apples and hard candies.
  • Chewy Foods like gummy bears and toffee.
  • Sticky Foods like taffy and caramels.
  • Staining Food and Drinks like coffee and soda.

Eating restricted foods may cause problems which will result in extra visits for repairs and will ultimately extend the length of treatment. You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy these restricted foods after completing your treatment. Any specific questions about food choices should be directed to your orthodontist and staff.

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