Four Things To Consider When Deciding Whether Or Not To Get Adult Braces

Posted on September 9, 2020


So, you are an adult and your orthodontist has recommended braces. Depending on how many issues you have had with your teeth in the past, this could be expected, or it could be a complete shock. It is highly possible that you were recommended braces as a child only for your parents to decide against them. Parents often go against the advice they receive at the orthodontist office for several reasons. Chief among them is the financial aspect of braces.

Nowadays, we pay for many medical procedures despite the price. This is because those procedures are deemed medically necessary, and many see braces as purely a cosmetic issue. However, the idea that braces only treat cosmetic issues is a total misconception. Plus, there are now many payment options for those receiving orthodontic treatment, for those concerned about the cost.

If you have recently returned from a trip to your local orthodontic office, you may be wondering if braces are worth it. Something you should remember is there are many benefits to getting braces as an adult, and there may be some new things to consider about braces in comparison to what you knew as a child. With that being said, let’s look into some of the factors to consider before choosing to get braces as an adult.

1. Braces Can Still Be Corrective for Adults

Many adults do not believe that there is any point to starting braces treatment at their age. Braces are often perceived to be meant purely to correct bite issues in growing children. While it is often easier for braces to correct issues in children versus adults, adults are still a great candidate for orthodontic treatment. It might take more time for braces to correct bite issues or cosmetic problems for adults, but they still are very much up to the task.

It is really a matter of finding an orthodontic office with experience in treating adult patients. Orthodontists are less common and provide more specialized care than you might initially realize. Although all orthodontists are trained as dentists, comparatively just 5% of dentists are also qualified orthodontists. This is because additional years of schooling are required to become an orthodontist. It is important to not only find a qualified and experienced orthodontist, but one who understands how to work with the more settled bite and teeth of an adult.

2. You Have Options

One of the main issues that hold adults back from getting the braces that they need is a self-consciousness about the appearance of being an adult with traditional metal braces. A lot of people feel childish or like they will be taken less seriously. With technology today, there are now more options than ever before.

Ask your orthodontist about different options such as Invisalign clear aligners. Traditional braces are certainly not your only option. A lot of adults choose Invisalign braces specifically because they are difficult to see with the naked eye. In fact, these braces suit adults better than they do children, due to the fact that they must be removed when you eat and can take a bit of extra maintenance. For many adults, that maintenance is worth it.

3. Yes, You Can Afford Them

Returning to the idea of financing braces, a lot of adults are saddled with the full cost of their braces because their parents did not make sure that they received orthodontic care as children. Fortunately, most orthodontist offices do have financing options. This will allow you to break up the cost of your braces into multiple payments, ultimately figuring them into your overall budget. Your insurance may also cover part of your cost if you have orthodontic coverage.

4. Braces Go Beyond Cosmetics

There is far more to getting braces than just improving the appearance of your smile. If you have struggled with jaw pain or even cleaning your teeth correctly it is probably because you have needed braces. An overbite or crowding in the mouth can lead to people struggling with jaw pain as well as issues with chewing properly. Ultimately, there is a reason why your orthodontist office recommends braces. They must be taken seriously.

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