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Go Incognito with Invisible Braces Perfectly Tailored to Your Teeth

Posted on August 16, 2021

Go Incognito with Invisible Braces Perfectly Tailored to Your Teeth

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, nearly 4 million people in the United States wear braces. Are you thinking about how you would look in braces now? Are you worried about not feeling confident if you get traditional metal braces? Luckily, there are many types of orthodontic braces, including those that are invisible and not necessarily retainers like Invisalign.

Think of braces that are hidden from view, or “incognito.” Invisible orthodontic braces have many notable advantages, including being 100% customizable to fit your teeth and treatment plan. Incognito braces are tailored to your unique set of teeth using innovative technology.

Incognito Braces Make Sure People Focus on You, Not Your Metal

Your orthodontist is more than happy to introduce you to Incognito braces. Whether you have a graduation day, wedding, or new job coming up, feeling more confident in your smile is important. You want people to notice you, but not because they see braces when you smile. You will be able to smile confidently wearing Incognito Hidden Braces and make a great impression professionally and personally.

They Fit Most Needs and Teeth

One of the biggest benefits of Incognito braces is that they are a good fit for nearly everyone. If your orthodontist says you are a great candidate for metal braces, then you are likely also eligible for Incognito Hidden Braces. Beyond just being discreet for people who are anxious about the way braces look, such as public speakers and business professionals, Incognito also has many functional benefits.

Braces positioned behind your teeth are an excellent option for preventing any possible damage to your lips, like small cuts that make you concerned about your professional appearance or hurt while participating in daily activities. This is especially true for musicians that play solos. The same goes for people engaged in contact sports. Orthodontist recommended Incognito braces will make you feel less nervous about wearing braces because they sit behind your teeth and still straighten them effectively.

Invest in Behind-the-Scenes Functionality and Aesthetic Freedom

Incognito is the ideal functionality that provides aesthetic freedom. This type of orthodontic treatment is attached to the back or lingual side of your teeth. This makes them virtually invisible to most observers or people you see daily at school, work, or events. They are also easier to clean and maintain. Increase your confidence while still enjoying the benefit of getting straight teeth and fixing your bite.

A Customized Fit Is More Efficient

The process your South Louisiana orthodontist uses to customize lingual braces to your mouth requires fewer adjustments. This makes a customized fit more efficient. It also means you have less discomfort after an adjustment too.

There is evidence that Incognito Invisible Braces provide a faster treatment time when compared to metal braces. Ask your orthodontist if using customized wires and brackets will help straighten your teeth faster. Regardless, your teeth will still end up looking perfectly straight and beautiful.

Are Lingual Braces Comfortable?

For many patients, comfort is a big issue when it comes to deciding how to best straighten their teeth. Ask your orthodontist about lingual braces that afford minimal discomfort since they can be customized to fit individual teeth.

Shh, Invisible Braces Are the Best Kept Secret

Incognito Hidden Braces have beautifully straightened over 100,000 smiles in secret. Are you interested in straightening your teeth with braces that are not nearly as noticeable and do not have to be taken off throughout the day? To find out if invisible lingual braces are right for you or your child, contact the local professionals at Parker Orthodontics in Baton Rouge, Central, Donaldsonville, or Gonzales. Our friendly orthodontists offer free virtual or in-office consultations so you can get started beautifying your smile sooner rather than later!